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The vision of Mc 6 Cattle Feeders Inc. came about in 1983 when Dan and Mary McWhorter bought a ranch in Hereford, Texas, the Cattle Feeding Capitol of the World. The ranch was run as a yearling operation and then a grow yard.

Then in 1989 Mc 6 Cattle Feeders got its start with a capacity of 1,500 head. Today that number has grown to 65,000 head. Family has always been the central theme of the feedyard. The name "Mc 6" represents the 6 McWhorters: Dan and Mary, Katie, Emily, Hannah, and Hank.


Over the years the cattle feeding industry changed and consolidated, Mc 6 found a way to differentiate itself from other cattle feeding operations by focusing on natural cattle feeding. Today Mc 6 is the premier destination for cattle feeders looking to extract a premium for their high-quality program cattle.


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