The vision of Mc 6 Cattle Feeders Inc. came about in 1983 when Dan and Mary McWhorter bought a ranch in Hereford, Texas, the Cattle Feeding Capitol of the World.


In the 1930s Mr. and Mrs. Colby Conkwright and their son Jim operated a registered Hereford business that was known nationwide. In 1983 Dan and Mary McWhorter purchased the Conkwright’s ranch and shifted the purebred Hereford operation into a yearling operation.


Dan and Mary McWhorter both come from cattle feeding families. Dan, born in Hereford, has consistently fed cattle in the Texas Panhandle for over 40 years. Dan’s unique experience feeding cattle and trading commodities helped Mc6 develop into a "full-service yard" providing feeding programs to fit everyone’s needs. McWhorter Feedyard got its start in 1989 with a capacity of 1,500 head. The initial plan was to grow to 8,000 head, but that number quickly grew to 21,000 in 1994 then to 65,000 head today.


Over the years the cattle feeding industry changed and consolidated, Mc6 found a way to differentiate itself from other cattle feeding operations by focusing on natural cattle feeding. Today Mc6 is the premier destination for cattle feeders looking to extract a premium for their high-quality program cattle.


Dan and Mary have four children: Katie, Emily, Hannah, and Hank. McWhorter Feedyard was later renamed Mc 6 Cattle Feeders Inc. to represent the McWhorter family.

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